“Traci Tolmaire brings a flirty charm
to her portrayal of Janee . . .
Her feisty performance also shows
a depth of care and concern for
her older sister that rings true.”
-Theodore P. Mahn, The Times-Picayune

“Tolmaire and Alexander are delightfully in
synch, and whether battling or bonding, they
read convincingly as soul mates.  Both Actors
transition seamlessly from the unharnessed
energy of youth to focused solidity of
middle age.”

-Ethan Kanfer, Show Business Weekly

“Ms. Tolmaire and Mr. Alexander are
highly likeable…”

-Anita Gates, The New York Times

“The cast offers steady support,
particularly Traci Tolmaire, who adds
ferocious physicality and some nice
character sketches.”

-Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

“. . . Traci Tolmaire . . . executes Stacey Printz’s
expressive jazz choreography with seductive
athleticism. . . . The result is a piece as smart and
provocative as it is breathtakingly beautiful.”

-Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

“Traci Tolmaire [is a face] to watch in this
very good cast. Tolmaire finds the humor
and humility in Millie Davis, the underused
actress stuck in the “flower roles” (Petunia, Gardenia),
the exaggerated gestures and the silliest lines
(“Lord have mercy!” and “Iffen”). She does get the
best costumes, however, and looks stunning…”

-Kathy Janich, Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Mrs. Potiphar, played by the
talented dancer Traci M Tolmaire, nearly
hypnotizes Joseph into her bed.”

-Rebecca J. Ritzel, Intelligencer Journal